Month: February 2014

One Size Does Not Fit All – Find Out Why


Retail Sales Down – Mortgage Interest Rates Favorable

Retail Sales Chart - Sep 2013 - Jan 2014

Retail Sales in January fell by 0.4% versus the 0.0% expected. Retailers cited the harsh January weather for the decrease, which slowed shopping and auto buying. It was the second straight monthly decline. These lower than expected numbers are also helping keep interest rates at all-time lows. If you are still considering refinancing or looking to buy your next home, now is a great time.

New Labor Department Numbers Are In…

Job Creation Chart - Jan 2014

The Labor Department Reported that employers added 113,000 workers in January, below the 175,000 expected, but above the 75,000 recorded in December. There is still a lot of concern out there that the economy is not growing at a fast enough pace. These, less than stellar, employment numbers could help keep interest rates at their current levels, a while longer.